DCBA discusses misconduct in port customs

The Delhi Customs Brokers Association (DCBA) held its 39th Annual General Meeting on June 25, 2023 in New Delhi. The Annual General Meeting was attended by a large number of DCBA members to discuss the DCBA’s activities over the past year and future action on a number of pressing issues including day-to-day operational problems and misconduct at various port/customs locations.

The AGM also approved some important constitutional amendments to clear up ambiguity, introduce digitization and help customs brokers overall, whether their mother license is issued by the Delhi Customs Commission or any other Customs Commission in the country.

The constitutional amendments are as follows:

• Eliminated the process for members to inspect their license suspended to request a waiver of all DCBA fees from license revocation to reinstatement, with evidence of license reinstatement.
• If a vacancy for the President’s post becomes vacant in the period between the two AGMs in any year, the Vice President shall assume the additional role of Acting President until the next AGM. If the next general meeting is a non-election general meeting, the House of Representatives at that general meeting elects the next year’s President.
• The regulation of the digital issuance of membership certificates will be included in the existing regulation.
• The provision of voting rights via EVM/any other technology introduced in the near future will be included in Article 19(a) of the Articles.
• Customs Circular No. 52/2022 of June 2022 states: “Each customs broker must register as a member of the customs brokers’ association in each territory he operates, provided that such association is registered in the customs station where customs operates”. Broker is active and recognized by the Chief Customs Commissioner or the Customs Commissioner.”

In view of the mandate of this circular, effective as of the date of this circular, the DCBA will accept the same fees from all members, regardless of the jurisdiction in which the customs broker license was issued, to offer their membership.

The 39th Annual General Meeting of the DCBA also reaffirmed its entitlement to recognition by the Noida Customs Commissionerate under the rules of the CBLR, eliminating the need for additional membership in any other recognized CB association operating here.

Significantly, the DCBA AGM resolved to implement immediately the establishment of the Welfare Fund for the benefit of F cardholders and corporate/company holders/partners/director/nominee. It is important to note that the current DCBA Board established a special committee to formulate the social fund disbursement mechanism prior to the AGM and the committee presented its recommendations at the 39th AGM. The recommendations were unanimously approved by the members present at the AGM and proposed further actions on the payout mechanism.

Another important decision, passed unanimously at the AGM, was to adopt the policy that DCBA green-listed members, d guarantee such members, settlement checks and deposits. This was a welcome step as the DCBA not only benefits these members but will also ensure that more members pay club dues on time to take advantage of this opportunity. A mechanism to implement the Facility will be adopted in due course.

The AGM has also urged further action regarding the No Dues certificate to be implemented as soon as possible in the greater interest of the whole CB fraternity by addressing the legal aspects in this regard.

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