DB Schenker uses wafer-thin high-tech labels for shipment tracking

Tracking technology as a sticker: DB Schenker is the first logistics service provider from Europe to offer global shipment tracking with the new wafer-thin tracking label from high-tech developer Sensos. The single-use label can be attached to containers, pallets or individual boxes and enables tracking of land, air and sea shipments on a single shipment basis.

David Pollender, Product Owner Business Development IoT at DB Schenker: “Tracking technology now fits in a millimeter-thin sticker. The Sensos tag is so small and light that it can be used on cargo of any size. In connection with the IoT solution connect2track from DB Schenker, it offers optimal visibility and status monitoring of shipments. This will significantly improve the existing offer for our customers and make tracking even more flexible and secure.”

Aviv Casto, CEO of Sensos: “We are on a mission to revolutionize the supply chain world by providing infinite end-to-end visibility at the package level. Our solution enables data-driven execution and optimizes logistics for different use cases. We are grateful to have DB Schenker as a design partner from the start and for their contribution to bringing the product to market.”

The label sends real-time location and temperature data over the cellular network. The customer will receive an alert if the package is tampered with during transit. The label’s unobtrusive design increases security for valuable shipments, as it is not conspicuous and tracking remains undetected.

The disposable label is equipped with a lithium-free battery, which emits less CO2 during production than conventional batteries and, despite its small size, can run for up to six months. Due to its low weight, the label uses less energy during transport and there is no need to return it.

DB Schenker was one of the first design partners of Sensos, a subsidiary of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, and contributed to the product offering. The global logistics service provider helped to define the requirements and tested the Sensos solution in a pilot phase with land and air freight prototypes.

DB Schenker’s Internet of Things platform connect2track enables customers to monitor the location and condition of a shipment (e.g. temperature and humidity). It offers a continuously calculated estimated time of arrival based on real-time data, increased security through opening alerts and increased efficiency through supply chain optimization.

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