Dachser takes over autoclave delivery – India Seatrade News

The company’s teams in Germany and India worked together to handle the more than 15 m long machines with a diameter of more than 5 m.

After extensive preparation and planning, the autoclave left the factory in Coesfeld near Münster and arrived in nearby Lüdinghausen on a low-loader. There it was loaded onto a barge by a 450 tonne mobile crane, which transported the unit down the river to Antwerp, Belgium. From there it went as a breakbulk by container ship to Chennai, India – a journey that took 21 days.

In Chennai, the Dachser India team took control of the shipment. She was responsible for coordinating the 350km journey from the port to the customer’s site in Bangalore.

Dachser India obtained permits from the city council to transfer the freight onto a low-loader. All of the vehicle’s 28 tires were also replaced to enable it to be driven through railway underpasses.

In front of the factory itself, concrete dividing blocks had to be removed to allow the vehicle to turn and excavation pits backfilled at the factory for delivery.

The entire two-week journey in India was monitored by a separate support vehicle.

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