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The government announced measures on Thursday to address concerns
Importers regarding customs payments. Import shipments are stuck
Ports and terminals across the country affecting all sectors since April 1 due to a problem
in the new payment system.

To facilitate trade and eliminate disruption, it was decided to allow a manual out-of-charge (OOC) to import shipments of certain cargo, including perishables
and pharmaceutical products based on a bank certificate.

The circular aims to relieve importers who have been unable to make payments
and feared interest on arrears. However, the problem can spread to the next
Week in which banks were closed for three days, an industry expert said.

Most ports and terminals across the country are overloaded with import shipments
not released since April 1st. Also Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
(CBIC) has called on shipping companies to waive demurrage and detention fees
10th of April.

The CBIC has also waived all interest payable for the period between 1 April and
April 10 to importers for challenges due to technical disruptions related to the
Electronic Cash Book (ECL).

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