Crowley launches new Ocean Rail service connecting Mexico, Midwestern US and Canada Ship’s crew

US-based ocean and logistics solutions provider Crowley will launch an integrated ocean and rail service connecting Mexico, the US Midwest and Canada.

The new service will incorporate Crowley’s new sea route in the Gulf of Mexico and will utilize the highly efficient domestic rail network of the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) and its US subsidiaries. This combined network aims to enhance global customer solutions in the North American market.

Brett Bennett, senior vice president and general manager of Crowley Logistics, said the partnership with Canadian National will enable expanded market reach and faster, more reliable movement of goods throughout North America. “By leveraging each side’s unmatched supply chain capabilities and long-term commitment to customers, we are creating even more efficiencies to drive the power of today’s innovative and demanding global supply chain,” he said.

The new service will provide a maritime route from Tuxpan, Mexico to Mobile, Alabama, bypassing domestic traffic congestion at the US-Mexico border. By connecting Mobile to CN’s rail service to the Midwest and Canada, Crowley says customers can expect faster and greener transit times compared to truck emissions, while using five to six times less fuel per tonne transported. From September, ships will be operating weekly between Tuxpan and Mobile, transporting up to 1,000 TEU containers and over 200 refrigerated containers.

Upon arrival at the Port of Mobile from Mexico via Crowley’s ship, the containers are loaded onto daily CN trains that travel through the Midwest and to Canada. This service offers some of the fastest rail connections between Mobile and cities like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis, Toronto and Montreal.

Doug MacDonald, CN’s chief marketing officer, said he was thrilled to support Crowley’s first venture into the United States and Canada via the Port of Mobile. “We can better serve our customers in Mexico, the US and Canada by helping Crowley deliver a reliable and seamless door-to-door customer experience. The new service will enable more efficient supply chain corridors and better market access across North America,” he said.

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