Container xChange increases profit and business expansion of ARCON containers in India by 5 times with its digital platform

ARCON Containers now offers Open Tops, Flat Racks and ISO tanks on Container xChange for companies looking to transport heavy, bulky and liquid cargo around the globe. ARCON Container, headquartered in Mumbai, India, achieves five-fold business growth with Container xChange digital product range expands its offering to include open-tops, flat racks and ISO tanks for shippers looking to export heavy, bulky and liquid cargo across the world .

Container xChange is an online marketplace and operating platform for container logistics companies.

By opening the availability of these containers on Container xChange, ARCON Containers are consolidating their position in the container leasing market and strengthening their relationship with Container xChange.

ARCON has enabled around 9,500 container leasing through Container xChange in a short period of time. That’s five times what the company has done in previous years.

ARCON Containers partnered with Container xChange when the company was part of Sarjak Containers (an Indian NVOCC in Mumbai) and faced business and operational challenges of finding reliable partners, sourcing global container shipments and making fast transactions. These difficulties hampered their operational efficiency and business growth in the industry. By using the Container xChange marketplace, ARCON Containers found that finding reliable partners became incredibly easy and efficient. The platform’s robust customer verification system ensured all members were trustworthy and reliable, removing any concerns about partner reliability. This gave ARCON the confidence to enter into business collaborations with new companies outside of its network.

Container xChange’s container marketplaces, which offer price transparency, have enabled ARCON to establish competitive market prices for its company.

Commenting on the achievement of this milestone, Mr. Supal Shah, CEO of ARCON Containers said: “Thanks to Container xChange, partner search is just a click away.” Container xChange members are well verified, so we don’t have any trust issues. The automatic price determination on the platform gives us competitive prices. And most importantly, the Container xChange wallet service ensures a smooth and fast overall process.

“Christian Roeloffs, CEO and co-founder of Container xChange, said: “In the face of today’s unpredictable supply chains, it is crucial to have access to reliable partners and efficient operations.” ARCON had the vision to introduce digital tools and processes that make the container logistics business more efficient and could make it easier. We are pleased that ARCON has always been open to experimenting with modern technologies and thus driving business success. Success stories like this spur us on to simplify the logistics of global trade while putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.” As we found from one of our recent surveys, ARCON not only optimizes time, it shows in their profits. We congratulate them on being at the forefront of digitally preparing their container operations,” added Roeloffs.

The partnership between ARCON Containers and Container xChange represents a paradigm shift in container logistics and offers Indian traders a revolutionary opportunity to save costs, build reliable partnerships and fuel their business growth. Container xChange products and services have played a crucial role in ARCON Containers’ remarkable successes in an ever-evolving industry.

“Container xChange offers Indian container providers and leasing companies a game-changing opportunity to save money, identify trusted partners and accelerate their business growth. Our platform has been instrumental in ARCON Containers’ impressive success in a rapidly evolving industry,” he added.

About Container xChange The container is one of the most influential innovations in history – it uses standardization to drive globalization and lift billions of people out of poverty. But unlike the standardized container itself, most processes in container logistics have not been standardized or innovated — and are still frustratingly complex, manual, and error-prone. Combined with low margins, this makes it difficult for logistics companies to survive and thrive.

Container xChange is the leading online platform for container logistics, bringing together all relevant companies to book and manage shipping containers and handle all related invoices and payments.

The neutral online platform:

1. Connects supply and demand of shipping containers and transportation services with full transparency on availability, prices and reputation;

2. Simplifies operations from pick-up to drop-off of containers; And

3. Automatically reconciles all payments in real-time to reduce invoice reconciliation effort and payment costs.

Currently more than 1,500 verified container logistics companies trust xChange with their business and enjoy transparency through performance ratings and partner ratings. Unlike the limited personal networks, Excel spreadsheets and emails you rely on, Container xChange offers its users endless possibilities to book and manage containers, move faster and safer and increase profit margins.

About ARCON Containers Established in 2021, ARCON is part of the Saksham Group and is an independent arm of Sarjak Container Lines, which handles the delivery of containers across the globe. It addresses the needs of global shipping and logistics players in sourcing all types of sea containers. Arcon Containers offers three container supply models: container sale, container sale with pre-set buy-back option and one-way transport of containers (destination-based, no blocking period). The global container fleet is huge and includes dry vans, open tops, flat racks, hard tops, super racks, ISO tanks and refrigerated containers.

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