Container exports between Asia and the US continue to decline

Container exports from ten major Asian economies to the United States in June reached 1,473,191 TEU (based on volumes in ports of loading), according to Descartes Datamyne statistics compiled from Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Bill-of-Lading (B /L) were compiled. United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

They fell 13% yoy, continuing their 11-month downtrend while remaining at the previous month’s level.

Exports from China fell 17% to reach 844,700 TEU, marking the tenth straight month of decline. South Korean exports fell 10.5% to 154,134 TEU, while Vietnamese exports fell 6% to 147,107 TEU and Taiwanese exports fell 3% to 78,480 TEU. Shipments from India, on the other hand, increased by 6% to 62,295 TEU, while shipments from Japan increased by 0.8% to 33,319 TEU.

In addition, container exports from Asia to the United States reached 8,171,160 TEU in the first half, down 21.8% year-on-year.

In the first six months of 2023, China’s exports to the US fell 25% to 4,652,731 TEU, South Korea’s exports fell 11% to 942,301 TEU, Vietnam’s exports fell 19.8% to 731,472 TEU, Taiwan’s exports fell 21% to 428,216 TEUs and Singapore’s exports fell 10% to 376,802 TEUs. Japan’s exports were also slow, falling 9% to 183,167 TEU.

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