Construction of the new deep water quay in Ireland’s Ros an Mhil fishing port center begins Seafarers News

Fishing boats in an unnamed harbor in Ireland

Construction has begun on a new deep water quay which will form part of the Irish Government operated fishing port center at Ros an Mhil in County Galway.

Charlie McConalogue, Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, said the work will include the extension of the facility by 200 meters of quay to accommodate larger fishing vessels and to attract additional landings from Irish and non-Irish fishing vessels

The project is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine’s Fishery Port and Coastal Infrastructure Development Programme. Ward and Burke Construction was selected to carry out the work under a contract valued at approximately 30 million euros ($31.8 million).

Fishery Harbor Center currently has 1,000 feet of wharf but is limited to a maximum of 18 feet chart reference in deep water and experiences congestion during busy fishing seasons. The new development, which will add 200 meters of wharf, will make the center accessible to large vessels such as naval vessels, Marine Institute research vessels, marine survey vessels and naval pleasure boats.

The project has a planned completion date of December 2024.

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