Coast Guard launches investigation into marine casualties related to Spirit of Boston fire Ship’s crew

The US Coast Guard has launched a formal marine casualty investigation into the onboard fire Spirit of Boston passenger ship on Friday.

The Spirit of Boston is a 153-foot vessel that can accommodate up to 675 passengers and crew. The ship caught fire while docked at Commonwealth Pier in Boston on Friday night. Although there were no passengers on board, the ship was severely damaged.

Rear Admiral John Mauger, the Coast Guard’s first district commander, authorized the investigation Monday under Title 46, United States Code, Section 6301 and related regulations. The lead investigator, Cmdr. Mason Wilcox was assigned to oversee the investigation.

The purpose of the investigation is to fully understand the events that led to the fire and to prevent future incidents.

The Spirit of Boston is operated by City Experiences (City Cruises), part of the Hornblower Group, the same company that operated the Spirit of Norfolk which caught fire on the Elizabeth River in June 2022 with 108 people on board, many of whom were school children on a field trip. Thank God no injuries were reported.

The Coast Guard encourages the public and other interested parties to provide information, ask questions, and comment on the investigation via email at: (email protected).

Upon completion of the investigation, the Coast Guard releases a report of its findings, including evidence gathered, facts established, conclusions and recommendations regarding the marine casualty.

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