CJ DARCL goes for sustainability with electric vehicle debut for inner-city freight transport!

CJ DARCL Logistics, a leading player in the logistics industry, is making significant strides towards sustainability with the launch of its first electric vehicle (EV) for inner-city freight transport in Bengaluru, Bangalore. This marks a pivotal moment in CJ DARCL Logistics’ unwavering commitment to sustainability and its goal of achieving zero carbon emissions.

Nikhil Agarwal, President of CJ DARCL Logistics Ltd., opened the pilot and highlighted the company’s proactive approach to environmental responsibility. The carefully planned route, meticulously devised by the fleet management team, ensures optimal efficiency per load while minimizing the environmental footprint. The deployment of the electric vehicle represents CJ DARCL Logistics’ first step toward introducing alternative fuels for short- and long-haul cargo delivery.

The electric vehicle is used for inner-city freight transport and serves a well-known construction machinery manufacturer. By integrating electric vehicles into its fleet, CJ DARCL Logistics demonstrates its commitment to expanding sustainability goals and is an industry leader in adopting green transportation solutions.

“Regarding sustainability as our core value, CJ DARCL Logistics strives to integrate environmentally friendly practices into every aspect of our business operations. Recognizing the environmental impact of short-distance transportation, we chose electric vehicles, which are an important catalyst in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint. Our multimodal transport model intelligently analyzes route maps to determine the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to transport goods. This allows us to explore alternative fuel options and underscores our relentless commitment to a sustainable future,” said Nikhil Agarwal, President of CJ DARCL Logistics.

Under the motto “On the way to a greener future”, CJ DARCL Logistics is consistently pursuing its mission to become a climate-neutral company. By promoting sustainable practices, the company is actively working to achieve this goal while setting an example for the logistics industry. Additionally, CJ DARCL Logistics is committed to contributing to India’s carbon neutral ambitions by fostering breakthrough innovations that can be implemented globally.

CJ DARCL Logistics is a leading end-to-end logistics company in India, serving a diverse customer base of 2,800+ customers in 5,000+ locations through a network of 200+ offices across the country. Operating on an asset rights model, CJ DARCL Logistics prides itself on being the largest Full Truck Load (FTL) provider in the country, with over 1,000 owned vehicles for efficient service delivery. In addition, the company excels at providing multimodal transportation services that include road, rail, coastal and air routes, ensuring both operational and environmental sustainability.

As part of its mission to become a full-stack logistics company, CJ DARCL Logistics has expanded into various industries such as project freight, warehousing, distribution and air freight. By striving for its carbon neutral mission, the company leads by example and inspires and motivates other organizations to prioritize sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

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