Chevron and the Angelicoussis Group join forces to explore ammonia shipping Ship’s crew

Chevron Corporation has partnered with Angelicoussis Group’s Energy Transition Division, Green Ships, to study the use of tankers to transport ammonia, a lower-carbon marine fuel.

The two companies have announced a Joint Study Agreement (JSA) to assess the ammonia transportation market, existing infrastructure, safety considerations, potential next-generation vessel requirements and a preliminary system for transporting ammonia between the US Gulf Coast and Europe evaluate. The goal of the JSA is to advance the technical and commercial feasibility of large-scale ammonia, particularly as an export product for the petrochemical, energy and mobility markets.

Mark Ross, President of Chevron Shipping Company, said, “We are pleased to partner with the Angelicoussis Group on this study, to help advance low-carbon energy at scale and advance the transportation of ammonia at sea.” The Chevron Shipping Collaboration , Chevron New Energies and the Angelicoussis Group is designed to accelerate the companies’ ambitions to become leading global clean energy providers by focusing on all aspects of the hydrogen supply chain.

Ammonia is a hydrogen carrier and is said to have the potential to lower the carbon intensity of the shipping industry. The JSA will help identify the technical, operational and commercial challenges of transporting ammonia on a large scale and using it safely and sustainably as a fuel. The partnership between Chevron and the Angelicoussis Group dates back to 2000 and has expanded to multiple LNG carriers and working together on energy transition initiatives.

Chevron aims to grow its traditional oil and gas business, reduce the carbon intensity of its operations and build new lower-carbon businesses in renewable fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, offsetting and other emerging technologies.

Founded in 1947, Athens-based Angelicoussis Group provides shipping services for the LNG, tanker and bulk markets. The group founded Green Ships in 2022 to lead all energy transition engagements with their partners, customers and other stakeholders across a wide range of value chains related to their shipping activities.

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