Charter ship sinks after hitting rock near Santa Cruz Island Ship’s crew

A charter boat from Southern California has sunk after hitting a rock near Santa Cruz Island early Thursday morning. All 14 people on board the abandoned ship were picked up by a Good Samaritan ship in the area.

Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles — Guardsmen at the Long Beach Command Center received a distress call from the captain of the charter passenger ship at 2:33 a.m sea ​​jay They reported hitting a rock and taking on water with ten passengers and four crew members on board.

The captain ordered the passengers and crew to abandon ship while anchoring the ship and releasing the life raft before boarding the raft himself.

Command center observers broadcast an urgent naval information broadcast, asking all boaters in the vicinity for help while Coast Guard rescue teams were at work.

US Coast Guard photo

A nearby ship that sea ​​biscuitheard the broadcast on the radio and quickly arrived on site to begin rescuing the survivors.

Shortly thereafter, a small boat from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and a small boat from the Coast Guard Station Channel Islands brought the survivors ashore, where emergency medical services awaited their arrival.

The ship is fully submerged, anchored and glare has been reported around the ship. The ship’s diesel fuel tanks have a total capacity of 220 gallons.

The Coast Guard and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife OSPR have initiated a evacuation operation for the Sea Jay. A team of experienced salvage technicians and divers will refloat and stabilize the ship, move it away from the island and bring it to a safe harbor to offload all products on board.

During operation, the focus is on safety, efficiency and minimizing environmental pollution.

“This was a dynamic case that resulted in lives being saved through the swift action of a Good Samaritan, our Coast Guard Guardsmen and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife,” said Capt. Ryan Manning, Commander, Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles – Long Beach. “Fortunately we were able to react quickly to ensure everyone got home safely.”

The cause of the grounding is still under investigation.

In December 2022, a 60-foot fishing vessel carrying around 1,000 gallons of diesel landed on Santa Cruz Island, spilling some of the fuel into the water and later breaking apart along the coast.

In September 2019, 34 people died when a fire broke out on board conception Charter dive boat near Santa Cruz Island while victims slept below deck in ship’s dormitory.

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