CGST Kutch Commissionerate Posts Highest Growth Rate Ever in May; The collections amount to 273.51 crore rupees

The CGST Kutch Commissionerate said it gained Rs. 273.51 crores in May compared to Rs. 171.47 crores in the same month a year ago, and the highest-ever growth rate of 59.51 percent in the fiscal year that began in April reached.

Revenue earnings for April and May stand at Rs.558.21 crores versus revenue earnings of Rs.374.57 crores for the corresponding period last year, resulting in a growth of 183.64 crores and a growth rate of 49.03 percent.

The CGST Kutch Commissionerate further said that more than 95 percent of top taxpayers, who contribute more than 90 percent of the commissionerate’s revenue, filed their tax returns within three or four days of the tax return due date, which is 05/20/2023.

In fact, 80 percent of them filed their tax returns on the tax return due date, which is May 20, 2023.

The CGST Kutch team welcomes this very positive response from Kutch based trade and industry in response to the request made during the last outreach program on May 16th this year.

CGST Kutch commissioner said he is confident of maintaining growth rates for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The commissioner also shared that another outreach program will be held in Bhuj next week to provide trade and industry exclusively engaged in the construction and civil engineering sector with knowledge about the trade facilitation measures as well as the steps to improve the labor facilitation business , introduced by CBIC.

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