Cathy Cargo signs global airline partnership with Tower Cold Chain

Cathay Cargo has signed a global long-term lease with Tower Cold Chain, giving its customers access to a wider choice of temperature-controlled solutions in terms of container size and payload volume.

Ideal for transporting life-saving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science products, Tower’s robust, reliable, reusable solutions are a welcome addition to Cathay Cargo’s portfolio of reefer pharmaceutical containers.

By allowing the airline to expand its choice of containers, Cathay Pharma’s customers will have more flexibility and variety when shipping high-value, temperature-sensitive products in both Euro and US pallet sizes.

This new partnership means customers can access and order Tower’s passive cold chain solutions online 24/7, either through Tower’s website or through Cathay’s booking service, and benefit from over 120 hours of protection for products that require a Require internal temperatures of -80°C (ultra cold), -60°C (ultra cold), -20°C (frozen), +5°C (refrigerated) and +20°C (controlled room temperature).

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and volumes, Tower’s containers cover internal payloads from 3075 liters down to 26.4 liters – The KTEvolution, the company’s first portable container, ideal for small, direct-to-patient batches.

This long-term deal coincides with the airline’s rebranding. The rebranding, formerly known as Cathay Pacific Cargo, reinforces Cathay’s vision to become one of the largest service brands in the world, offering its customers industry-specific expertise and innovative solutions.

As Tower’s first global airline services agreement, the partnership marks a new turning point in the company’s fast-growing reputation. Through the use of phase change materials (PCMs), Tower’s patented design technology guarantees safe, temperature-controlled transport without the need for electricity or human intervention, providing the agility, security, and consistency required by today’s pharmaceutical supply chains. The fully reusable containers and the option for customers to choose a dry ice-free solution for temperatures from -40°C to +40°C also support Tower and Cathay’s commitment to sustainability.

Tower containers are available globally through its network of strategic hubs at major airports – a key selling point for Cathay Cargo as it allows for greater proximity and availability for customers in over 70 destinations worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with Tower Cold Chain to further enhance our Cathay Pharma portfolio with more choice and innovative solutions for our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries. Tower’s advanced passive containers offer proven physical protection and temperature protection across all supply chains. This, along with Cathay Cargo’s vast distribution network, will benefit our customers and ultimately their patients around the world,” said Frosti Lau, General Manager Cargo Service Delivery, Cathay Cargo.

“Partnering with a world-class airline like Cathay Cargo ensures their pharmaceutical customers are supported with reliable and seamless temperature-controlled solutions,” said Niall Balfour, Chief Executive of Tower Cold Chain.

“As our first official airline agreement, this project enables a wide range of customers to lease Tower Cold Chain’s reliable containers directly from Cathay Cargo, creating a robust system for safely and smoothly transporting temperature-sensitive products to patients on time and on budget provided. We look forward to working together to move time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals around the world within our global network.”

Tower’s solutions will be showcased on Cathay Cargo’s website, where customers can place orders directly with the airline.

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