Cargotec and SSAB are working together to introduce new zero-emission recycled steel to the freight and cargo handling industry

Cargotec and SSAB are taking their partnership to the next level by introducing SSAB Zero™, a zero-emission, fossil-carbon-emission recycled steel, to the freight and cargo-handling industry. Cargotec plans to successively use this steel in its products this year.

Collaborating on SSAB Zero™ is a natural next step as Cargotec and SSAB continue their collaborative work to reduce the climate impact of cargo and cargo handling solutions. The partnership has already led to the launch of the world’s first load handling device, a MULTILIFT hookloader made of fossil-free steel. A prototype of this hookloader was presented by Hiab, part of Cargotec, in September 2022.

About 26 percent of Cargotec’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 came from purchased goods. The decarbonisation of Cargotec’s supply chain is an important step in reaching the company’s ambitious, science-based climate goal of reducing emissions in the value chain by 50 percent by 2030. SSAB Zero ™ and eventually fossil-free steel will be key factors in this mission.

“As a provider of cargo and cargo handling equipment and solutions, we are a major steel consumer. Wherever possible, we favor materials with a lower carbon footprint than traditional alternatives, and SSAB Zero™ offers a zero-emission and circular solution,” he says Paivi Koivisto, Vice President Sustainability at Cargotec. “This is an important step towards fossil-free steel and a great opportunity for Cargotec to expand its range of low- and zero-emission products.”

“We are delighted to welcome Cargotec as a partner for SSAB Zero™ as well and look forward to continuing our joint efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in the value chain,” he says Thomas Hörfeldt, Head of Sustainable Business at SSAB. “Demand for zero-emission steel continues to grow, and SSAB Zero™ enables us to supply more of this type of steel to our customers this year.”

SSAB Zero™ has zero fossil carbon emissions (less than 0.05 kg CO2e emissions per kg steel in scope 1 and 2) in operations, including purchased energy and transport. SSAB practices market-based emission factors for the electricity consumed and can secure electricity without fossil fuels through Guarantees of Origin for electricity. Fossil fuels remain in the ground as SSAB has implemented a system to manage and ensure the correct source and use of alternatives related to the production of SSAB Zero™. Only recycled steel is used as raw material, which means that SSAB Zero™ supports the circular economy. Neither Cargotec nor SSAB participate in carbon offsetting activities.

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