Cargill deploys world’s first all-electric pusher tug and barge Ship’s crew

Cargill, a leading food production and processing company, has partnered with shipping service provider Kotug International to launch the world’s first all-electric pusher tug and barge to transport cocoa beans from the port of Amsterdam to Cargill’s cocoa factory in Zaandam, the Netherlands .

The port of Amsterdam is the largest cocoa import port in the world, making the partnership an important step towards sustainable cocoa transport.

Pusher tugs and barges are essential for the efficient delivery of goods from Dutch ports. By using fully electrified ships, Cargill is the first company in the world to achieve zero-emission and noise-free inland shipping.

The zero-emission ship named E-pusher 1is equipped with the latest propulsion systems and the latest technology that eliminates harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). E-pusher 1 is the first vessel in KOTUG’s E-Pusher series of modular and scalable electrically powered push boats for transporting a wide range of cargo. Specifically, these electric push tugs and barges are expected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 190,000 kg, equivalent to the environmental impact of 15,000 one-way truck journeys from the port of Amsterdam to Cargill’s cocoa factory in Zaandam.

Known as Type M, the E pusher 1 can push barges with up to 4,000 tons of cargo. The ship is equipped with a swappable container battery from Shift Clean Energy (Shift) and will be powered by green energy from Windpark Hanze, a wind farm jointly operated by Cargill and Vattenfall.

“Cargill is committed to feeding the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way,” said Emiel van Dijk, Managing Director of Cocoa & Chocolate Europe & West Africa at Cargill. “Electrifying the transportation of our cocoa beans is just one example of how we are implementing new, innovative sustainable practices to reduce our impact on the planet and protect people.”

Ard-Jan Kooren, President and CEO of KOTUG International, thanked Cargill for partnering on the initiative.

“Together we are making history and reshaping the future of sea transport,” said Jan Kooren. “This groundbreaking achievement is in line with our mission to provide sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. With the launch of the world’s first zero-emission ship of its kind, we aim to inspire other shipping companies, governments and stakeholders to embrace clean energy solutions and make meaningful strides towards meeting global next-generation climate goals.”


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