BPCL launches 6 highway corridors for fast charging of electric vehicles

Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), the state-owned oil and gas company, has announced the launch of fast charging stations for electric vehicles on six highways in western India.

These six highways are as follows:

  1. Pune-Ahmednagar-Aurangabad – 240 km
  2. Pune-Solapur (4 ROs), 250 km
  3. Pune-Nashik (4 ROs), 200 km
  4. Pune-Kolhapur (3 ROs), 225 km
  5. Mumbai-Nashik (3 ROs) 200 km and
  6. Nashik-Shirdi (3 ROs), 90 km

The EV (electric vehicle) fast chargers at BPCL stations charge EVs in just around 30 minutes, giving a range of up to 125 kilometers. The distance between the two such facilities on highways was kept within 100 kilometers.

All EV customers can use the EV fast charging stations through a pay-per-use online service. The fast chargers can be self-powered without manual assistance, although support staff are on hand if needed.

Akshay Wadhwa, Head (Retail) West, BPCL, said during the launch, “Maharashtra is among the top 4 Indian states with the most EV approvals, hence the establishment of the EV fast charging infrastructure on the highway in Maharashtra will support the further growth of Maharashtra support EV in the state.”

BPCL has digitized the entire EV charger locator, charging process and transaction process through the HelloBPCL app for a hassle-free and transparent online user experience.

Rakesh Kumar Sinha, Head of State, (Retail) Maharashtra & Goa, BPCL concluded by stating, “We have the highest market share in both petrol and diesel. We are also aiming for similar dominance in the EV space through the rapid deployment of fast chargers on highway corridors and in urban markets.”

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