Boltseal completes its 5 year service to the Indian export community

Boltseal, the pan-India network of RFID e-seals, celebrates its fifth year of serving the Indian export community. Established in 2018 by Delhi-based manufacturer AAA Products Pvt. Ltd., Boltseal is a subsidiary of the Swiss Military Group. The company is now actively working with almost 6,000 exporters across India.

Boltseal provides RFID e-seal solutions for exporters shipping FCL containers via ports, ICDs and CFSs. Boltseal offers its e-seal solutions to a variety of organizations including public companies, MSMEs, multinationals and start-ups. With the recent increase in the number of new exporters being assisted by the Atmanirbhar Bharat Government of India Mission, Boltseal wants to ensure these new exporters have a smooth and seamless e-Sealing experience.

Ashok Sawhney, Group Chair, thanked all members of the Indian export community for their never-ending love and support and is confident that Boltseal will continue to provide the smoothest e-sealing experience to the Indian export community for years to come.

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