APM Terminals Pipavav tops CPPI 2022 ranking among Indian container ports

APM Terminals Pipavav Limited announced on Tuesday that its Pipavav port on the Gujarat coast has emerged as India’s most efficient port, outperforming eight other container ports considered for the 2022 Global Container Port Performance Index (CPPI).

Globally, Pipavav Port has secured 30th place among the 348 global container ports included in the CPPI 2022 ranking published by the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence. At the regional level for the region of West, Central and South Asia (Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh), Pipavav Port ranked seventh.

The CPPI rankings serve as a comprehensive benchmark for assessing the performance and efficiency of container ports around the world.

According to the ranking report released on May 18, Mundra (rank 48), Krishnapatanam (64), Kattupalli (78), Hazira (85), JNPT (86), Cochin (88), Chennai (110) and Visakhapatnam (115) were .

“APM Terminals Pipavav, one of the leading gateway ports in West India, has emerged as the most efficient port in India for the second consecutive year,” the company said in a statement, adding that it is a customer-centric approach, streamlined EXIM processes and an unwavering focus on productivity and security were key differentiators. “These special qualities have contributed to the exceptional performance and good reputation of the port,” it said.

Girish Aggarwal, Managing Director of APM Terminals Pipavav, said: “Recognition as India’s most efficient port underscores our commitment to serving our customers and providing them with a first class experience through our robust infrastructure, excellent rail and road links and dynamic supply to our customers .” We meet the requirements of our chain through our agile yet secure processes.”

The report “The CPPI 2022 – A Comparable Assessment of Performance Based on Vessel Time in Port” found that there were 14 new entrants to CPPI 2022 and several significant transfers since CPPI 2021. Over 110 ports improved their CPPI 2022 rankings compared to the CPPI 2021, it said.

The report emphasizes that container ports are “critical hubs in global supply chains and essential to the growth strategies of many emerging economies”. It also states that the development of high-quality container port infrastructure “that works efficiently was a prerequisite for successful export-oriented growth strategies”.

Highlighting the negative impact of an underperforming container port on a country’s export competitiveness, the report also found that “container shipping services follow a fixed schedule with specific berth windows at each port of call along the route”. Therefore, poor performance at one port could disrupt the entire schedule. This in turn increases the cost of imports and exports, reduces the competitiveness of the country and its hinterland, and hampers economic growth and poverty reduction.”

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