Another ship carrying cargo for Rooppur docks at Mongla Port

A Russian-flagged vessel, the MV Margaret, arrived at Mongla Port in Bagerhat carrying 482,882 tons of machinery for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

The ship reached pier number 8 of the port on Tuesday afternoon (July 11). In the evening the unloading of the ship’s cargo began.

Sadhan Kumar Chakraborty, Khulna manager of Conveyor Shipping Lines, the ship’s local owner, said all goods would be unloaded within 48 hours.

The ship left the port of Novorossiysk in Russia on June 6, bound for Mongla. It transports various electrical equipment and machines for the factory.

On July 2, MV Liberty Harvest arrived in Mongla directly from Russia with cargo for the same power plant.

Previously, MS Anka Sky on May 29, MS Anka San on May 6 and MS Yamal Orlan on April 25 brought cargo directly from Russia.

The United States has banned 69 ships from seven Russian companies because of the Ukraine war.

The ships, which are not on the US sanctions list, come directly from Russia to the port of Mongla with goods from Ruppur. Ships on the sanctions list, notably the Sparta III last December, had to unload their goods in India, from where they were then shipped separately to Mongla via India.

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