Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Logistics Expands Services

Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC), which started logistic freight services in 2017 and has increased its revenue many-fold in five years, is planning a massive expansion of services and an increase in freight fleet.

APSRTC Logistics generated income of only Rs 9 crore in 2017 and increased its revenue to Rs 163 crore in this financial year. APSRTC Logistics has a fleet of more than 70 cargo vehicles. These vehicles are used for transporting goods to various destinations. Now, RTC Logistics (Cargo) is planning to use a larger number of cargo vehicles to meet customers’ demand.

The RTC Cargo Wing collects around 25,000 parcels every day. The company recently entered into MoUs with three freight carriers for parcel/goods pickup and delivery.

APSRTC took over ANL parcel service in 2016 when the turnover was only Rs 9 crore. Since then, the RTC has opened a large number of counters in the state and started shipping goods, especially packages, to all counties in the state.

It has the advantage of fast transport of goods compared to other transport vehicles and private transporters. The RTC operates more than 10,000 buses. Bus drivers also accept the parcels for delivery and serve the customers. Also, many buses have a Dickey facility and it is used to transport packages.

G Ravi Varma, managing director of APSRTC Cargo Services, said the APSRTC has launched package pickup and delivery between the cities of Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam on Ugadi and plans to launch a similar service between Vijayawada and Hyderabad. He said there is good customer response to Vijayawada-Vizag’s cargo pickup and delivery services.

RTC Cargo plans to introduce similar services between other destinations. He said the RTC has signed a memorandum of understanding with three logistics companies and will use their services for the collection and delivery of goods.

Ravi Varma said the RTC is also planning to transport vegetables and other agricultural products on a large scale in the near future because the RTC Cargo is very fast with vehicles compared to private transport companies. He said RTC Cargo has the opportunity to operate more buses and cargo vehicles and it will be beneficial to expand services in the future.

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