Amazon’s ambitious $26 billion investment in India by 2030

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has announced plans to invest a staggering $26 billion in India by 2030, promising to support startups, create jobs, enable exports and empower individuals and small businesses to survive in global competition. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shared the commitment at a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stressing that the investment will boost the country’s economic landscape. With this move, Amazon wants to expand its presence in the Indian market and face competition from Walmart-owned Flipkart, Reliance Industries and the Tata Group.

Amazon’s big bet on India

Since introducing e-commerce to the country in 2013, Amazon has already invested around $6.5 billion to expand its presence in digital commerce. The proposed $26 billion investment represents a significant increase in Amazon’s commitment to India and underscores the high potential the retail giant sees in the market. The company’s ambitious goal includes nearly $13 billion for Amazon Web Services (AWS), its cloud computing business, which will support over 100,000 full-time positions annually.

Navigate the competitive landscape

Starting a decade ago in a Flipkart-dominated market, Amazon now faces competition from local upstarts like Meesho, as well as conglomerates like Reliance Industries and Tata Group. Despite the competitive environment, Amazon’s international net sales have remained stable, demonstrating the company’s resilience and adaptation strategies.

Amazon’s Indian marketplace unit, operated by Amazon Seller Services, has seen a steady increase in sales. Still, it faces the challenge of achieving profitability. As such, Amazon’s leadership is optimistic about its growth trajectory in emerging markets like India and Brazil.

Amazon’s future in India: optimistic and committed

Manish Tiwary, vice president and country manager of Amazon India’s consumer business, reiterated Amazon’s commitment to the Indian market despite the “ups and downs” the company has faced. The company has had to adjust its strategy due to tightening e-commerce rules in India, including the closure of the stores of dominant sellers Cloudtail and Appario Retail.

Amazon has also started cutting discounts for retailers and brands as quarter-ending March 2023 growth came in slower than expected. Despite these challenges, the company remains confident about its journey in India and refuses to give a timeline as to when the company will become profitable.

Amazon’s changing strategy and new ventures

As challenges continue, Amazon continues to innovate and expand its services in India. The company launched its own air freight network, Amazon Prime Air, to speed up e-commerce deliveries. Additionally, talks are ongoing to acquire the country’s most popular OTT platform by viewership, MX Player, which will further strengthen Amazon’s presence in the digital space.

Despite a few setbacks, including one of its biggest layoffs and industry shutdowns, Amazon is undeterred. The ambitious investment commitment is proof that Amazon believes in the potential of the Indian market and is ready to shape the future of e-commerce in the country.


Amazon’s pledge to invest $26 billion in India by 2030 is a significant move that promises to reshape the country’s e-commerce landscape. Despite the challenges and competition, Amazon remains true to its journey in India and is confident that the country has the potential to transform itself into a profitable e-commerce hub. This significant investment plan demonstrates Amazon’s belief in India’s future growth and its willingness to actively participate and contribute to that growth trajectory.

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