Air India and US-based Saber Corporation sign multi-year global distribution partnership

Air India on Thursday announced a new multi-year global distribution partnership with US-based Saber Corporation.

The collaboration will enable travel agents and corporations around the world to access Air India fares and seats through Saber’s extensive global travel marketplace, Air India said in a statement.

In addition to distribution services, Air India utilizes Saber’s consulting expertise to help determine optimal routes for its existing and new fleet.

Air India announced earlier this year that Boeing and Airbus had placed an order for 470 aircraft.

“We are pleased to continue to strengthen our relationship with Saber and look forward to working more closely together in the years to come,” said Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer, Air India.

The Indian travel market is back, and it’s coming back strong, he said, adding, “As such, we are delighted to have restored and expanded our relationship with Saber at this transformative time for Air India and the wider Indian travel market,” Aggarwal said.

This long-term global distribution partnership will support our ambitious growth plans while also laying the groundwork for the airline’s transition to a more dynamic, merch-centric model, he said.

“We are confident that this will strengthen Air India’s position on our domestic and international routes and help us become more competitive on the global aviation stage,” said Aggarwal.

Saber’s advisory work with Air India includes an in-depth market assessment, development of new hub and flight plan designs, detailed route network and capacity planning over a 10-year horizon, and optimization of fleet allocation across the system.

“We are confident that having access and reach to Saber’s global network of travel agents, combined with leveraging our route planning expertise, will add significant value to Air India,” said Roshan Mendis, Chief Commercial Officer, Saber Travel Solutions.

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