AG&P’s terminal welcomes the first LNG cargo in the Philippines

Leading LNG terminal and downstream infrastructure company, AG&P International Pte. GmbH.

(AG&P) announced the arrival and successful mooring of its long-term chartered 137,500 cbm ISH Floating Storage Unit (FSU) at AG&P’s Philippine LNG (PHLNG) Import Terminal in Batangas Bay.

The ADNOC L&S-leased, Japanese-built Moss-type LNG carrier ISH, which was converted to FSU by AG&P subsidiary GAS Entec, is bringing the country’s first LNG cargo to the Philippines, writing cleaner and first-time affordable charters with the arrival LNG.

Joseph Sigelman, Chairman and CEO of AG&P commented, “With ISH docking with PHLNG for the next decade or more, AG&P is proud to open the first LNG terminal in the Philippines called PHLNG, one with floating and soon to be nearly equivalent onshore tank farms with almost 100 percent availability.

With the first fuel load coming from Abu Dhabi and with the longstanding presence of ISH, ADNOC L&S plays a crucial role in bringing clean energy to the Philippines alongside AG&P and San Miguel, our key customer. We are proud to see the relationship between the two great nations of the UAE and the Philippines growing in such profound ways, with PHLNG as a prime case study.”

AG&P’s PHLNG is a breakthrough development that will serve to boost the Philippines’ LNG import and regasification capabilities and deliver gas to meet the country’s current and future energy needs. It will accelerate industrialization, create jobs, reduce pollution and trigger overall economic and social progress and improve the quality of life for many thousands of Filipinos.

Other image option: ISH FSU berths at AG&P’s Philippine LNG (PHLNG) import terminal
Atlantic Gulf & Pacific (AG&P) is a leading global provider of logistics and distribution solutions for LNG and gas. AG&P provides the infrastructure for safe and easy access to natural gas in new and growing markets.

We act as an owner and service provider covering development, financing, engineering, procurement, project management and construction of onshore and offshore gas infrastructure, connecting suppliers with downstream customers.

AG&P Industrial is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGP Group specializing in project delivery in the energy sector, AG&P Industrial is a leading diversified full-asset lifecycle fabrication, EPFCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction, Installation and Commissioning), infrastructure development and operations & maintenance (O&M) company with a long history of delivering award-winning marquee projects worldwide for LNG terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants, utilities, LNG liquefaction modules and other complex process units.

AG&P Industrial operates a world-class manufacturing facility in Batangas, Philippines with deepwater access and an annual module assembly capacity of 60,000 tons. We build large project segments and complex process modules in a controlled environment with the highest safety and quality standards.

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