Adani Krishnapatnam Port records highest coal loading ever

The Adani Krishnapatnam port in the South Central Railway division achieved a record coal loading of 12.95 million tons by rail on Saturday. This is the highest volume of coal ever traded in a fiscal year since its inception, surpassing the previous benchmark of 12.94 million tonnes for the corresponding 2014-15 period. In the current year, the port has shipped 17.40 million tons of raw materials, with coal accounting for a large proportion, accounting for 75 percent of total shipments and revenue.

The port of Adani Krishnapatnam started operations in November 2009 and continues to be a major contributor to Vijayawada Division’s share of cargo handling and revenue. Coal and fertilizers are the main commodities traded at Adani Krishnapatnam port. The port’s cargo revenue also hit a new high of Rs. Krishnapatnam Port exclusive freight revenue is expected to surpass Rs 2000 crore within 13 days in FY2022-23. In the current year, a total of 4575 rakes have been traded at the port of Krishnapatnam compared to 2449 rakes in the previous year.

The division has taken several proactive steps to attract new freight to rail transport while strengthening the existing freight basket. While the terminal that handles freight traffic is continuously being improved, the movement of freight trains is also closely monitored to ensure timely delivery of goods.

Divisional Rail Manager Shivendra Mohan congratulated Sr. DCM V. Rambabu, Sr. DOM. D. Narendra Varma, DCM. G. Somasekhar Naidu, the commercial team, for the best performance in exceeding the highest coal loading benchmark to date. He also thanked the Krishnapatnam Port Authorities for their cooperation and support in reaching this milestone. He also explained that the establishment of the business development units across the division, along with policy reforms and new initiatives, has led to the division’s exceptional performance in terms of cargo loading.

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