AD Ports Group enters the dry dock and repair market through a joint venture

AD Ports Group, a leading facilitator of global trade, logistics and industry, and Premier Marine Engineering Services LLC (Premier Marine), a UAE-based shipyard company specializing in shipbuilding and repair services for the marine and offshore industry, today announced the formation of a new joint venture, SAFEEN Drydocks. The joint venture is 51% owned by AD Ports Group and 49% owned by Premier Marine.

The new company will provide a wide range of essential services including dry docking, on-water repairs, shipbuilding and refurbishment. The center of operations of SAFEEN Drydocks will be located in the Port of Khalifa and will include a 45,000m2 shipyard and repair facility, a 350m quay wall for ship repairs at sea and a floating dry dock for ship maintenance and refurbishment. The floating dry dock is expected to start operations in July 2023, while the yard has already started construction of two barges for a UAE customer. Once fully operational, the hub will be operated by SAFEEN Drydocks and fully equipped to accommodate a range of vessel types including tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, offshore vessels and jack-ups.

Through the new joint venture, AD Ports Group will leverage its reputation and experience as one of the world’s leading providers of maritime logistics, industry and trade and provide quayside space in the port of Khalifa for the development and operation of the new service center. Premier Marine, in turn, will bring its technical knowledge and experience to help customers build, repair and maintain ships and other marine assets in an environmentally sustainable manner. Together, the two companies will not only serve the needs of the SAFEEN Group’s maritime fleet, but also a broader regional and international customer base in the shipping and offshore shipping sectors.

Captain Ammar Mubarak Al Shaiba, Acting CEO Maritime Cluster and SAFEEN Group, AD Ports Group, said: “The establishment of SAFEEN Drydocks is a milestone development for SAFEEN Group as it significantly enhances our scope of services and our ability to serve the regional maritime industry expanded.” We look forward to working closely with our partners at Premier Marine to combine our global reach and their strong track record over decades of developing what we envision as a regional and global hub and center of excellence for the construction, repair and the maintenance of ships in maritime traffic will be .”

Hemant Tandon, Managing Director of Premier Marine Engineering Services, said: “We are privileged and honored to partner with AD Ports Group at this exciting time to build a customer-focused marine hub at Khalifa Port.” This joint venture marks a fresh start for us and through our partnership, our teams of highly skilled professionals, coupled with the impressive expertise of the group, we aim to achieve great success in the shipbuilding industry.”

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