According to the Locus Maturity Assessment 2023, 74% of Indian companies have problems with logistics in the last mile

According to initial findings from Locus’ Last-Mile Maturity Assessment (LMMA), approximately 74% of Indian businesses have scope for significant improvements in last-mile order fulfillment to provide their customers with the best speed, convenience and delivery experience.

The LMMA is a unique, industry-first benchmarking tool that helps companies understand their strengths, discover new growth opportunities in their logistics operations and deliver personalized business insights.

Companies from India, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, North America, Saudi Arabia and other emerging markets participated in the evaluation. These companies operate in various sectors such as 3PL and CEP, manufacturing, e-commerce and retail.

Through a comprehensive 5-point scoring system, the assessment categorizes companies into Emerging, Growth, and Optimized stages, allowing for targeted improvements tailored to each company’s specific needs. In India, 86% of 3PL and CEP companies and 67% of players in the retail sector are in the “growth phase”, suggesting that with the right guidance and tools, such companies can unlock unprecedented scale and potential.

Mehul Kapadia, Chief Revenue Office at Locus, shared his insights on the latest assessment report, saying in a statement, “Last mile delivery is a rapidly changing industry whose importance for businesses with a customer-centric focus cannot be ignored.” However in India, nearly 70% of companies are not confident that their last mile activities will actually lead to growth and memorable customer experiences. To help them on their growth journey, companies that complete the assessment receive a comprehensive report that highlights inefficiencies in their last-mile fulfillment processes. They also get access to recommendations and insights that allow them to gain a competitive edge in their delivery experiences.”

The Locus Maturity Assessment 2023 reflects a worrying reality for the Indian e-commerce industry as it lags behind the global average. Meanwhile, retail is proving to be a shining star and is the best performer of any industry, closely followed by manufacturing. A closer look at the five fundamental performance indicators within the last mile – last mile excellence, customer experience, workforce empowerment, advanced analytics and sustainability – reveals that Indian companies struggle the most to achieve last mile excellence, a crucial aspect in today’s competitive landscape.

Locus’ State of Last Mile Maturity In Emerging Markets report is scheduled for release in July 2023.

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