2 E-Ways, rail line connecting Noida Airport to West UP freight hub

Two expressways and a railway line will connect the future Noida International Airport to Chola in Bulandshahr, where a freight corridor will be established.

Chola Railway Station, which is on the Delhi-Howrah line, is a major gateway for freight traffic to western Uttar Pradesh. Noida Airport is expected to draw a majority of its visitor numbers from the western UP districts and adjacent Haryana cities.

Officials said a single expressway and railway line to Chola are planned to be built first. It was decided to build an additional expressway, not only to improve the connection between the airport and the cargo hub, but also to allow for extensive development of 55 Bulandshahr villages, which recently came under the jurisdiction of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA ) fell.

The revised connectivity proposals were among several projects approved in principle by the YEIDA board at a meeting on Monday.

Officials said both expressways – 2.5 km apart – would cover a distance of 18 to 20 km between the airport and Chola railway station. The planned railway line, which runs parallel to the expressways, would also be 20km long and would better integrate with the Orbital Rail corridor being built from Palwal to Khurja.

The land between the freeways is likely to be used for the construction of warehouses and other logistical facilities.

“This infrastructure development will benefit the logistics and warehousing industry in the region. This area will be connected by road, air and rail, all of which are lifelines of this industry,” said Arun Vir Singh, CEO of YEIDA.

The agency has already submitted its proposal for the construction of the tracks between the airport and Chola to the Ministry of Railways. There are plans to upgrade Chola Railway Station as well to allow super-fast trains like Shatabdi Express and Vande Bharat to stop here.

These connectivity proposals will be discussed further at a further meeting on July 11 in Lucknow.

In addition to discussing rail and road links, officials on Monday also approved the acquisition of 3,240 acres in sectors 9 and 11 on the Yamuna Expressway and Tappal-Bajna in Aligarh for industrial development.

The plots of land located near the future airport will be used to establish country-specific industrial and manufacturing cities, with a focus on Japanese or Korean investors.

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